Airman and Family Readiness

Graphic of Airman and Family Readiness CenterThe Family Readiness Program is a Commander's Program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of community and well being

Family Programs

Family Programs
1947 Harrington-Memorial
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
Base(419) 520-6600

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Key Services

  • Hero Camps for Kids
  • Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • AF Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS)
  • Emergency Family Assistance Control Center (EFACC)
  • Basic Transition & Employment Management (BTEM)
  • Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP)
  • Family Events throughout the year

Info & Referral Programs

Employment Assistance
Military One Source
Personal Financial Counseling
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
VA Benefits & Healthcare Counselors
Pre-Separation Counseling
Regional Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (RISFAC)
Deployment Cycle Support - Pre & Post Deployment


Core Competencies

Graphic triangle shape; bottom line is Life Skills, Education, Consultations and Transition Guidance. Next line up; Readiness: Personal, Family, Unit and Community. Next line up; Volunteer communication, direction and guidance. Next line up; Community Outreach and Cooperative interface. Next line up; Deployment Cycle Support. Top line; Information and Referral.


Excellence: Commitment to continuous improvement in our Family Readiness Programs.
Teamwork: Team of teams concept; delegate tasks, events and responsibilities to sub committees.
Customer Satisfaction: Satisfying families equates to service members focused on missions.
Empowerment: Commanders establish a vision for family readiness and families act on the vision.
Mutual Trust and Respect: Commanders and Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) establish an unbreakable trust bond.
Commitment: We deliver what we promise to each other: families, service members and commanders.
Diversity: We recognize and embrace individual differences as a force multiplier.


Graphic of Ohio National Guard Airman and Family Readiness Program
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