Service Core Processes

Conducting Religious Observances - by providing opportunities for religious worship to Air Force members, their families and retirees. 

Providing Pastoral Care - through pastoral counseling and religious programs that serve the diverse educational, humanitarian, and personal needs of the Air Force community. 

Modeling Ethical Leadership - providing a positive influence upon the Air Force moral climate by modeling and facilitating ethical leadership to promote decision-making based not only on what is legal, but what is right. 

Advising Leadership - about the spiritual needs, religious requirements, and ethical issues that impact mission, quality of life, and religious freedoms.

Lead Chaplain

Chaplain's Office
1947 Harrington-Memorial Rd
Mansfield, Ohio 44903-0179
Base Number: 419-520-6877 

Contact US

Service Times

UTA Sundays at 0830 in Larson Hall

Chaplain Core Values

Glorifying God, Serving Airmen,and Producing Excellence

Chaplain Corps Vision

Developing spiritually fit Airmen to fly, fight, and win.

Chaplain Corps Mission

Provide spiritual care

    And ensure all Airmen and their families have opportunities to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion

Bible Study

Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 1300
Upstairs classroom - Bldg. 422

UTA Saturdays at 1130
Upstairs classroom - Bldg. 422

Chaplain Corps Capabilities

Spiritual Care

Advising Leadership

Chaplain Section

Graphic Chaplain Corps seal

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