179th Restoration Program

This site has been developed as part of the Air National Guard's Environmental Restoration Program for Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base (ANGB); Ohio Air National Guard; Mansfield, Ohio.
The site is part of ongoing commitments to inform residents of the Mansfield area about our environmental restoration activities at the Ohio Air National Guard base next to the Mansfield Lahm Airport in Mansfield, Ohio. The site describes the Environmental Restoration Program and maintains open and effective communications with our Richland County neighbors. The Air National Guard's Environmental Restoration Program is a nationwide effort to identify and resolve environmental impacts resulting from past practices or accidents on our bases. These practices occurred years ago when we had limited knowledge of the environmental consequences associated with accidental spills or routine disposal of waste oils, cleaning solutions, fuels, and other substances. Each link provides details of the three separate restoration programs that have been completed, or are in process at Mansfield Lahm ANG Base, Ohio. Click on each link to see the details are results of each program. Additionally, the public record maintained by the Air National Guard can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding link.

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