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Readiness, The Focus for 179th AW

  • Published
  • By Story by Senior Airman Christi Richter
  • 179th Airlift Wing

As part of the continuous effort to stay prepared to respond to any situation, members of the 179th Airlift Wing held a readiness exercise during a four day training period in the month of May. During this exercise, members experienced a variety of war-like simulations to test how equipped they were to react to each situation.
Lt. Col. Daniel Roche, Inspector General of the 179th Airlift Wing, Mansfield, Ohio, worked with individual squadrons to plan and coordinate this exercise.
“The exercise was planned and executed for training in a partially decentralized manner, which clearly distinguishes it from a more traditional IG exercise” said Roche. “In an IG exercise, the IG would plan and execute a centrally controlled series of events to evaluate capabilities and compliance. This exercise was built to simulate a deployed environment where the base was subject to attacks, and within that framework squadron commanders identified and conducted training in specific survival, recovery and mission execution skills.”
The exercise involved everything from donning Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear used by military personnel in toxic environments, simulated attacks, and going through the necessary protocol that members would follow in a deployed environment.
“The exercise was necessary to build skills, allow commanders to train their personnel on specific activities, and to develop information for them to better lead their people” said Roche.
Members of the wing stepped up to the challenge.
“The Airmen of the Wing embraced the challenge presented by the exercise,” said Roche. “They were clearly engaged in the scenarios and took advantage of the opportunity to learn and build their skills in the course of the two days.”
Readiness is a crucial part of the Air Force and the National Guard alike, it is a top priority for Airmen to be prepared to help in whatever capacity necessary at a moment’s notice.