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Security Forces Shocking Welcome

  • Published
  • By TSgt Joe Harwood
  • 179th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Staff Sgt. Jason Willoughby and Senior Amn. Kory Caldwell brace student flight members for safety while Staff Sgt. Nicholas Alexander administers the taser. The 179th Airlift Wing Security Forces Squadron are training on less than lethal take down methods in Mansfield, OH, Feb. 08, 2015. The 179th Airlift Wing Security Forces squadron utilize tasers to detain combatants when lethal force is not necessary. Today is a training day.

179th Security Forces troops train on all the different equipment  that they use and supervisors feel that it is important for troops to experience the weapons for a better understanding on how to use them correctly. Safety is always the number one concern in training exercises like these; not only for the safety for the Security Forces troops, but for all the members to ensure that when detained it's in the best manner possible.